Sales Training to Help You Get to Your Next Level
Leading Realtors® need opportunities to not only sustain and enhance their professional skills, but also to keep current with this evolving industry. The specialists at RE/MAX Hallmark create such opportunities by providing Realtors® with the best in realtor training.

How do we build your career?
We have developed Just Be Great "100 days to greatness"- a 5-week intensive program spearheaded by industry experts Ken McLachlan and Debra Bain, that provides mentoring, team building and individual growth strategies guaranteed to put you ahead. Just Be Great is a highly practical choice for industry newcomers as well as professionals seeking to improve their skills.

Actively seeking the state-of-the-art technologies that advance realtors®, simplify organization and generates sales, RE/MAX Hallmark is ahead of the pack which ensures that you will be ahead of your competitions.

Strong and stable growth needs strong leadership. At RE/MAX Hallmark, direct training, leadership and support from Owners Ken McLachlan and Debra Bain means access to expertise and a wealth of knowledge.

Team Building
Whether you are growing to that point where you need to start building a team, or you need help improving your teams productivity and sales, RE/MAX Hallmark has programs in place to meet all your needs.

Individual Building
Whether you are part of a team or on your own, steps have been created to build your career and get you in the right direction.